Yeah, so it's super inspiring But I think if you can hit on something like super, super, almost Like psychological, about how the human race consumes music And tying it into like a primal thing You know, I like the idea of it too Like, the concept of the album is very much like storytelling Is that right, I mean like sharing the story? So I think the number of ways That you can get people to have like an "Ah-ha" moment When they're like consuming Like you said that two cokes or cigarettes Or going to the club or getting an outfit to go out You know, like, selling the album In those sort of like every day ways But also like reinforce the creative, you know? Like, 'cause at the end of the day You do, you will wanna promote the album in the traditional way But almost like poking the veil off the curtain of it But the billboard image should be different Because, you know, like, the CD cover should be like Him peeling off the industry or something But, like reporting the news story that goes along In the theme of the album There's no way this phone just died