Nigeria Entrepreneur Iking Ferry Introduces A Music And Video Streaming Platform “Naijatraffic”

Nigerian entrepreneur Iking Ferry is known for his unique business ideas. He takes a different approach to marketing and advertising which has proven to be successful and has helped him develop strong business skills. When Ferry gets an idea, he doesn’t stop until he puts it in motion. His latest business project is something music fans across the world can get excited about.

Iking Ferry’s Biggest Project Yet
Ferry has always been passionate about the music industry, he’s even a multi-award-winning international music promoter. Being very involved in the Nigerian music scene, Ferry wanted to create a platform where the music could be shared worldwide. He created Naijatraffic, a music and Video streaming platform that is similar to Soundcloud,

Apple Music and Spotify alongside with expertly curated playlists and original content. Naijatraffic is one of the leading music and Video streaming platforms in Nigeria, Naijatraffic is not just another top music player in the Game, Naijatraffic is also one of the biggest platform in the world where New Talent are Discovered Daily, it Allow Artist and Content Creators to Share their music and podcast for Free. and fans , playlist curators to Discover New Artist, Songs and Album on Spotlight. This isn’t the first time that Ferry has done work with the Nigerian music scene. He is also the founder of Young Boss Empire, which is one of Nigeria’s leading artist management companies.

The Lifestyle of Iking Ferry
Iking Ferry’s real name is Nwede Ikechukwu Emmanuel. He was born on September 6, 1996 in southeastern Nigeria. Ferry always took his education seriously, which is why he has been able to pave such an impressive career for himself. He completed his primary education at Mkpuma Ekwaoku Community Primary School and his secondary education at Union Secondary School Ndiezeoke.

Wanting to learn as much as possible, Ferry then enrolled in a well-renowned polytechnic college, Yaba College of Education to learn the fundamentals of becoming a successful entrepreneur. While on his educational journey, he realized he wouldn’t be happy unless he was working around great music so he decided to enroll in a Music Business and Digital Marketing course at Los Angeles College of Music. Ferry pursued his bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Ferry learned as much as possible to prepare him for working in the music industry. In 2018, he began his entrepreneurial journey and founded Naijatraffic. After only 2 years in the game, Ferry was able to utilize his skills in the music business to make Naijatraffic one of the leading music and video streaming stores. His work was even recognized as the Best Known Music Promotional Company in Africa.

Want to learn more about Iking Ferry? His official website while his Instagram account @ikingferry