Pejar King – My Life (Romance)


Sensational Talented Nigerian Singer And Songwriter, Pejar King Has Delivered a New Enchanting Banger Entitled, “ My life (Romance)”.

This particular song that touches everybody in the world 🌎 concerning what you where passing through with a girl who doesn’t even mind your life not loves you as you where wish but unfortunately she suddenly wanna bring you down to the lower level because of your life romance,

Talking about life romance really mean they where you leave your life and how you do things concerning yourself that you doesn’t mind what girls nor what people said against your back, some girls always rule my life because of one particular thing call love but when I knew that that’s what they here for just to rule and control my life style and be using me because they don’t love me an itch, but when I suddenly meet they right person who showered me with love, I suddenly show them that I gad some vibes even doe am nobody but there’s someone behind me that shows me more love and cares and make me somebody,

Trust no girl because some of them might rule your life romance nor cheating you behind, so when I suddenly change, they call me Mr Romance life because whether am hurt nor not hurt am still living my life romance, they right girl for you always be hard to find but believe that no matter what girls put you through never give up in life same with guys, true love is not easy to find,

Written by the Artist pejar king