Rap Messiah (Free style)

All rise It's Ladipoe Let's do that Always killing shit on Afrobeats Niggaz tryna raise the BPM I'm trying to raise the GDP Yeah, I'm talking in per capita Rap Messiah, saving Africa Bearing all the crossfire Still an all-timer in the shooting caliber (wo) Oya welcome to the zoo Debating how so and so might be the G.O.A.T When it's me that's the elephant up in the room RIP Woo Omo e don do You want war better make it art Sun Tzu Hit 'em with the sonic boom Right down to the after life Asshole talk to me nice Think it's funny killing rappers seems (But you knew that) it's a rapper life Ladipoe that's a copyright Pardon me on looking down on niggaz Having conversations at your proper height Okay okay Abi werey dey disguise E so fun wan soro soke But it's okay We dey go block Admiralty Way No be today Dunno why you rewrite verses Soon as I jump on it Maybe 'cause every time I spit lines I put my life on it Ladipoe Take my advice on it Ego and pride on it Can't put a price, value or size on it Peter Rufai in a shirt and tie Protecting the goal is a nine to five My résumé long as the number pi I I'm a fucking vibe! Up close no quotes Way too blunt and cutthroat