Here we go again But we gotta get it right Yeah LOTR two LOTR two Truth is I haven't slept for a couple days A cup of caffeinated paracetamol for the pain I cannot explain my recent moment of clarity But life is a dream, if death is reality So, I keep being me Authentic, pure, no additives The secret to longevity Is always rewrite the narrative Truth translates in all languages Excuse me while I- take the floor Quiet down Tell the doctor there's still beef inside my diet now You become a target When you make it up to higher ground Pray the only shots I ever take is when I'm buying 'round I hate the irony of COVID-19's Arrival on a generation Already obsessed about going viral Thinking if I miss the time When OnlyFans were disciples Now-a-days OnlyFans another mode of survival Heh-hey Hahahahaha I know that money doesn't grow on trees I know the root of all evil is in the heart, and not in currencies I put some faith in people, but most of it goes in property 'Cause I no dey their beard gang I'm in that landlord "You better pay me my rent, " gang I'm in that tear rubber "No license plate over here, " gang That if you get it up You know I'm taking your chair, gang That big money sweet But always better to share, gang (ou) I know that it's my year, gang But I'm still that same boy from Ikeja Tailor made flow every measure Megan Thee Stallion knees Sexy, but build for the pressure Real as they come feel the texture So, I will tell my professor Remember the name But don't forget there's no H in the Eso, yeah (yeah) No rodents have claim to my cheddar Wrinkles or stain in my leather Many would pay for the pleasure So, I built the fanbase Paint the landscape Worried I'm getting sick I lost my sense of smell, and taste Before the jealousy, is there a COVID test I can take? Even before the virus, men, I didn't do handshakes Pull up on my handbrake, baby, make me swerve Dotting I's, crossing T's, leave my mark with every word The signature is just an autograph that says, "Pay me first" Even when the drip is heavy It doesn't always quench the thirst I'm all about the bread, but this jam (jam) Hard to be the G.O.A.T when these rams Hard-headed as f- I can't (mtchew) Anyway, anyway, that be their own palava Me, I know say I dey rap, you know the flow "shawarma" Me, I know say I dey trap from here to Guagalada Shout-out to my homies in jalabias, and white agbadas The sun, and the moon would never set on your generation The drought of harmattan would never reach your doorstep Indeed, there would be no doorsteps to thread upon Or doors to knock upon for all who will be open to you For you are the child of the great justices, and major generals of old And you will lead your nation forward as the leader of the revival