Interlude ( Oil Ekun)

Ní 1979 tí mo n host house party ni Ikoyi Ibi tí mo tin fi baby oil pá gbogbo cakes àwọn baddies yí My wives stormed in and started attacking the girls and I I was trying to explain pé àwọn ọmọ yẹn complain about lower back pain But my wives were not having it Shori, four months ni mo lo ni ICU, huh Do you want to know what I did to get in their good books? I splurged on them heavily I shipped in six Mercedes-Benz 240D for each of them, pelu custom plates Gold, silver, diamonds, expensive fabrics Kò sí lingerie tí mi ò ra I knew Victoria's secrets even before she knew she had a secret So you see, I don't play with my women when it comes to money The good lord has endowed me with stupendous wealth My women? They will never suffer and like I always say, ani KoniBajeBaby