Otega X Diamond Jimma – Aje lyrics


Freshout Jimmasun

Otega gan gan
See no dey let dem tell you say you no fit stand
E no matter who you are
Ibi toma de oma debe
Eda kan o laropin kerora feso shaye yio
Moma lowo
Moma Lola
Moma deyan
Ayanmo mi koletase mo ma debe
O ba ma foun bi olodun mare
Tori iwo ko loda mio
People rise people fall
This life na turn by turn
No go wish your brother man fall down
Be kun ba dale ayo nbo lowuro
That for sure
Emi ma lo mowon lowo
Ibi tima de moma de be dan dan moma de be
Emi ma goke lo giga giga nitemi o
Laye mio
Emi malo mowon lowo Ibitimade moma de be
Dandan moma de be emi magoke lo giga giga nitemi o laye mio
Many people tell me say I no fit stand
But base on who me I be
Ibi timade moma de be
Eda kan olaropin
Kere rora fe so shaye yio
Ibi timade momadebe
Freestyle yen blow all of a sudden in the air with no label
Now dreams high like the paid Cheque
Trips gbemi losi Colorado
But for real mogbodo debe
My dreams got me up for the night
Got to get my cake up men
Me I no dey fall for the light
Wey dey enter my eyes
From the screen of the only gadget wey dey provide
Omo iyami
That′s my story mi o le so tie
But whatever the case malo fo fola
Cos Owo shimade more billions pilling here
Make I legit kin wo suit Ti ma tun pop collar
Nobody go see me or see you
If the road get tough or make you wanna surrender so easy like that
I hope for dope things to ship in
Eyan lo se Bentley fun
Omo iyami malo loose guard
Emi ma lo mowon lowo
Ibi timade moma debe dan dan moma debe
Emi ma goke lo giga giga nitemi o
Laye mi o
Emi malo mo won lowo Ibitimade moma de be
Dandan moma de be emi magoke lo giga giga nitemi o laye mio


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