Argument between Lawmakers and Women Affairs minister over alleged corruption 


On Tuesday afternoon, there was a heated argument between the House of Representatives Committee on Women Affairs and Social Development and Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, the Minister of Women Affairs. The disagreement became intense and dramatic, catching the attention of guests and journalists present.

The committee, chaired by Kafilat Ogbara, summoned the minister to address corruption allegations regarding the alleged diversion of N1.5 billion meant for contractor payments. Contractors had complained about non-payment for their completed projects. The session turned into a chaotic shouting match as both sides exchanged accusations.

Ogbara asked, “What was budgeted for 2023 from the accountant-general’s office, was it released to the account of the ministry of women affairs? Yes or no?”

Marie Ebikake, a committee member, accused the minister of excluding ministry staff deliberately.

” Fortunately, I attended the last meeting, and one of the reasons why we took you on oath was to get the truth from you, and today you have deviated…” Ebikake stated before being interrupted by Kennedy-Ohanenye.

The minister responded angrily, “I take exception. I don’t like this allegation. I am no slave to anybody. She should withdraw that statement she said about me. It is not fairness here. It is a trap but I am not going to jump into it. I fear nothing… nothing!!”

The committee chairperson, Ogbara, got involved and warned the minister not to interrupt “an honourable member”. However, despite attempts to calm the situation, the argument continued for a few more minutes.



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